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FREE SHELLS TO ALL...TRY OUT THE FORUM !!!!!! psybnc installed for you already just connect from at home or from SHellium...eggdrop already installed...just edit the config file and run it. THAT IS WHY PEOPLE LIKE US...NO HASSLE...FREE SHELLS

Join us on #shellium for our first meeting of the year

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Posted January 4th, 2012 by bryanstein

We'll be having a meeting on January 6th 2012 at 1900 GMT -5 regarding SHellium's future and what's to be expected in the year to come. If you don't have an alarm you should write your dog a message and leave it next to the food bowl and it'll remember to lick your face when the meeting is being held.

Hopefully you'll show up and join in the discussion and contribute with your ideas, bugs, gripes, concerns, feature requests, point of view and unicorn leather (I just made that last one up but evidently it it).

SHellium Registration and Activation Disabled

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Posted March 8th, 2011 by bryanstein

We have had some issues this past week that have caused me to suspend site registration and shell activation and possibly make the shell invite only. I will be auditing users, banning and locking users before we bring the shell back online.

Several new measures will be put in place in response to the latest developments.

This will dramatically decrease our user base but it'll also increase the quality and respect in our community.

Problems at the Datacenter

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Posted February 20th, 2011 by bryanstein

There are time that things happen out of our reach. The server is up but networking was down for a bit. We hate disruptions


250MB Quotas for SHellium Users :o)

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Posted February 20th, 2011 by bryanstein

QUOTAS HAVE BEEN RAISED TO 250MB's, so dance and be free

All users quotas have been bumped up fron 100MB's to 250MB's.
Please be civil and refrain from doing stupid things with your newfound disk space.

Site registration issues

If you registered but didn't receive your password via email then try to reset your password. We had an issue with the registration emails being sent.

If that doesn't work either, please notify us at #shellium



Maintenance Planned for Nov 9, 2010 Due to RAM ISSUES

The server will be down momentarily Tues Nov 9, 2010 for hardware replacement.

You may have noticed the server having periodic issues with fork allocation errors and other weird things like apache not being able to fork processes. The wiki is currently down and things are behaving sporadically.

Hopefully replacing the RAM with replacement ECC will fix our issue.

Below is a snippet of what's showing up in the kernel ring buffer(dmesg)

[9003877.232702] cron[4549]: segfault at 0 ip b764f96d sp bfffe2c0 error 4 in[b75e9000+155000]
[9003877.913851] cron[4522]: segfault at 0 ip b764f96d sp bfffe2c0 error 4 in[b75e9000+155000]

AND THIS...but the log is full of them

[9099505.161356] cron[4087]: segfault at 0 ip b764f96d sp bfffe2c0 error 4 in[b75e9000+155000]
[9105449.033395] munin-graph[17337]: segfault at 750 ip b7308eaa sp bfffbde0 error 4 in[b72f7000+2d000

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